Matcha Made in Heaven

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Matcha Made in Heaven

At Exquisine we are passionate about developing new and innovative products to stay on trend and delight our customers with fresh and delicious desserts.

We recently created a Matcha mousse, perfectly paired with white chocolate. It’s a Matcha made in heaven! The slightly bitter flavour of the Matcha powder is balanced out beautifully by the sweetness of the white chocolate to create a delightfully contrasted, ready to eat mousse. A dessert that can be eaten straight from the fridge for those afternoon pick me ups, late-night cravings or to simply enjoy with guests.

Our talented product development team have created a beautifully coloured and textured mousse that delivers a finely balanced flavour with a full and creamy mouthful. The best part is it can be layered with any of our other mouthwatering mousse flavours, such as white chocolate, dark chocolate or even strawberry depending on your desire.

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Posted: 10 January 2022 In: In the Media section