At Exquisine we are the specialists in creating delicious dairy desserts.

Our talented team are always excited to work with new and existing customers in developing sensational desserts for their clients. Our current dessert range includes many varieties of Mousse, Cheesecake, Tiramisu, Créme Caramel and Pannacotta. More recently we have also begun developing and producing a range of Yoghurts and Bircher Muesli.


Website-Homepage-Banner-Choc-MousseThis is where the Exquisine dessert journey began. Deliciously rich and creamy, made with real chocolate, this dessert is guaranteed to satisfy your cravings for something special. Smooth and delicate, it is sure to make you smile. With the addition of sauces, chocolate pieces, mint chips or honeycomb – the only limit is your imagination (and your customers’ tastes).


Our latest dessert offering is the ever so light and creamy FroMo. It’s a delicious mousse created especially by us to be enjoyed straight from the freezer. The flavour options are boundless. Some of our favourites include Fig and Honey, Raspberry and White Chocolate, Salted Honey with Biscuit, Passion Fruit Brulee and Chocolate Hazelnut. We love FroMo and we know your customers will too.



Cheesecake-Dessert-RangeOur Traditional Cheesecake is a well-known and loved dessert and offers endless opportunities for development with your own twist on this classic. From our special biscuit base to our light and creamy set cake, this dessert will please the most discerning taste buds.


Pannacotta-Dessert-RangeThis delicate, smooth and creamy dessert is the perfect mouthful when you’re after an extraordinary taste. Our pannacotta has been used as a base for many exciting flavour variations; from fig and honey to chocolate and chilli, as well as the more classic flavours of vanilla, butterscotch and fruits.

Crème Caramel

CremeCaramel-Dessert-RangeThe Exquisine Créme Caramel is sweet and smooth and utterly irresistible. This dessert is best enjoyed by turning it out onto a plate and allowing the delicious caramel sauce to drizzle down over the dessert.


Tiramisu-Dessert-RangeOur Tiramisu will give you the zing you need to keep you going for the afternoon or into the evening. Developed in consultation with a fine Italian chef it is the perfect balance of light creaminess and rich flavour.

Crème Brulee

CremeBrulee-Dessert-RangeNothing can compare to the exquisite taste of our vanilla Crème Brulee. Made to a traditional recipe, this special dessert will take you on a culinary journey all the way into the heart of France.


Yoghurt-Dessert-RangeYoghurts are one of our more recent offerings. Combined with fruit and/or vegetables, the options are endless when it comes to these yummy yoghurts.

Bircher Muesli

BircherMuesli-Dessert-RangeAs bircher muesli continues to be a perennial favourite, our clients have worked with us to develop our own bircher muesli offering. A light and textured, tasty breakfast treat with real fruits and spices.