Plated parfait desserts

We have created a mouth watering range of plated desserts for restaurants and cafes.

Beginning with a creamy base that is topped with a rich sauce and fruits which perfectly compliment and balance the delicate flavour. Our parfaits are perfect. These desserts are restaurant quality, developed by our chefs so you don’t need one. They look fabulous on a plate and are designed to be turned out and then dressed as desired.

Some of the flavours we have to offer are:


Caramelised pear and vanilla parfait

Bite sized pieces of pear in a caramel sauce that sits perfectly  on top of this creamy vanilla parfait base. A sweet slice of heaven on a plate.



Chocolate and blood orange parfait

A finely balanced blood orange parfait base with a rich and indulgent chocolate sauce that spreads down the sides of this stunning citrus treat.


Salted honey and vanilla parfait

This superbly sweet and salty sauce is the ideal companion to our classic creamy vanilla parfait.



Balsamic strawberry and vanilla parfait

Thick strawberry sauce with a hint of balsamic that cuts through the sweet vanilla parfait. This unusual and innovative flavour combination is simply superb.


Double chocolate parfait

An enticingly creamy chocolate parfait base with a rich, smooth chocolate sauce. For when you need a dessert that transcends all else and brings you straight to paradise.



Caramelised fig and vanilla parfait

Fabulously textured caramelised figs with smooth and creamy vanilla parfait. This combination will please the most discerning of taste buds.


Raspberry and white chocolate

The sweetness of this white chocolate base is wonderfully countered by the tangy yet sweet raspberry sauce.



Hazelnut parfait with roasted hazelnut 

A stunningly subtle hazelnut parfait topped with roasted hazelnuts in a caramel sauce. For nut lovers this is  the perfect way to finish a meal with an espresso on the side.


We know they are fabulous but here are a couple of videos to show you how these new desserts can work wonderfully for you.