Factory & capabilities

Our purpose-built, company-owned premises are located in Thornbury, Victoria; just 8km north of Melbourne’s CBD. With over 4,000sqm our manufacturing facility reflects our Green Commitment and has been specifically designed for flexibility, allowing us to work closely with our customers to meet their volume and scheduling requirements.


Investing in equipment is one of the keys to maintaining efficiency, hygiene and safety in food manufacturing. At Exquisine we constantly explore new technologies and update our equipment to meet changing demands.

ProductionBy attending food equipment shows around the world we stay abreast of recent innovations. We value our green commitment and invest strongly and smartly in equipment to ensure our facility maintains a high level of efficiency in production.


Every factory must be mindful of safety. Food factories have the extra responsibility of food safety. Every decision we make is measured against our safety standards, and our Quality Assurance Department is consulted on all decisions that affect production. Investing in food safety is not an optional extra – it is paramount to how we operate day-to-day as well as long term planning.