5 of The Most Egg-ceptional Easter World Records

5 of The Most Egg-ceptional Easter World Records

5 of The Most Egg-ceptional Easter World Records

Who else is egg-cited for  Easter? We sure are!

Easter is one of the largest cultural holidays, and for many, Easter consists of Easter egg hunts, festive meals shared with friends and family, egg decorating, and eating hot cross buns and chocolate until you simply cannot eat anymore. 

We thought we would share some astonishing Easter World Records with you to get you in the Easter spirit. 

1. Largest Easter egg hunt 

5 of The Most Egg-ceptional Easter World Records

Nothing says “Easter” more than searching through a backyard for as many colourful little easter eggs as possible. And nothing beats the Guinness World Record’s Largest Easter Egg Hunt. 

We know and appreciate that adults love an Easter egg hunt as much as their smaller counterparts. According to the Guinness World Records, the largest hunt consisted of 9,753 children and adults that searched for 501,000 Easter eggs at the Cypress Gardens Adventure Park in Florida, USA.

2. Biggest decorated egg

5 of The Most Egg-ceptional Easter World Records

This unmissable, multicoloured attraction stood in the Brazilian town of Pomerode and is named ‘The World’s Largest Easter Egg’. Standing tall at 15.02 m and 8.72 m in diameter. 

3. The Most Extravagant Chocolate rabbit 

5 of The Most Egg-ceptional Easter World Records

Award-winning Chocolatier and international pastry consultant Martin Chiffers hand-carved a luxurious chocolate Easter bunny. This decadent masterpiece is what we’d call the ultimate treat this Easter, although it has quite a hefty price tag.

The exquisite chocolate creation is made from 75% single origin Tanzanian chocolate and has been inlaid with two shining solitaire diamond eyes, giving it an unrivalled sparkle. The life-size rabbit stands around 38cm tall, weighs around 5 kilos and has approximately 548,000 calories. All those calories and you made need to eggs-ercise all of that chocolate off. It also features three solid chocolate eggs with gold leaf decoration displayed at the bunny’s feet.

And the price for this one of a kind bunny?? It is a mind-blowing $63k.

4.  The World’s Largest Hot Cross Bun 

5 of The Most Egg-ceptional Easter World Records

It took a strong and talented team of 5 from Greater Manchester to bake their way to a world record after making the world’s most oversized hot cross bun. The bakers made the Easter treat the traditional way, using all traditional ingredients, containing over 65kg of flour and weighing an impressive 165kg – equivalent to the weight of 2300 regular-sized hot cross buns. 

Talk about raisin the bar!

5. The Largest Chocolate Easter Egg Made to Date 

5 of The Most Egg-ceptional Easter World Records

One chocolatier in Tosca, Italy, created the world’s tallest chocolate egg made by a single person. Made at the Le Acciaierie Shopping Centre, the chocolate egg measured a whopping 10.39m tall and weighed in at 7,200 kg with a circumference of 19.6 m at its widest point. 

Unfortunately, this giant egg is not made from chocolate but welded steel. The framework and the shell were constructed in four separate pieces and took a total of 48 days to build and decorate before the official record was attempted and unveiled. 

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We hope you have an egg-stra special Easter.   

Posted: 14 April 2022 In: In the Media section