New Desserts Range

At Exquisine we are constantly developing and innovating and we are delighted to be able to present to you our new Spring range of desserts.


Classic and on trend

We have drawn inspiration from a classic Australian treat, the Lamington, to create a delicious base for our award winning mousse.

Peanut Butter

Similarly we have crafted a scrumptious dessert combining macaroons with our mousse to create something truly special.

With the increasing popularity of one of the most versatile spreads available we are discovering ways of using the ever trendy peanut butter. The slightly salty, nutty flavour is perfectly complemented by our sweet and creamy desserts.

Why not try them?

If your customers are curious and adventurous then why not give them the opportunity to taste something different this Spring? Get in touch with us at Exquisine and let’s begin a converstaion about how you can bring these unique new desserts to your market.

Posted: 18 August 2015 In: News section