Our green commitment

At Exquisine we are committed to doing all we can to minimise our environmental impact and are proud to be using world-first technology to achieve this goal.

We have invested heavily in the future through:

  • Our unique, state of the art, CO2 refrigeration system,
  • Investing in solar technology,
  • Capturing heat for our office environmental control system.

By  investing in new technologies and equipment we continuously strive to reduce our carbon footprint whilst simultaneously increasing our production capacity.

CO² plant

In 2010 we built the very first, and currently only, CO2 regeneration transcritical refrigeration system in Australia, using ground-breaking world-first technology. So what does this mean exactly? While the system is complicated, the results are easily understood.The technology allows us to power our substantial coolrooms, freezers and production climate control using only gas from carbon dioxide. Simply put, this means zero contribution to greenhouse gas emissions.

As a result we save our environment from the environmental hazards posed by common refrigeration gases. We also save thousands of tons of emissions and waste from energy generation every year.

Through this technology and further efforts we have managed to reduce our energy consumption per dessert unit by an annual 40%.

Solar power

The roof of our premises is covered with solar panels, allowing us to harness the sun’s natural energy. At the beginning of 2018 we almost doubled our solar system size with capacity to be able to  generate up to 150kw of power each day.

Heat capture

Refrigeration gives off heat. If you stand at the back of your refrigerator at home, you will notice that heat is a natural by-product of refrigeration. Instead of releasing this into the atmosphere, we capture this heat and use it to power the environmental control system in both our office and factory spaces.